House Of Soforte

...where the right looks make the difference


A Queen is Crowned

Bold, beautiful and regal in a custom gown from the House Of Soforte, Quadeera Flow graces the hall of the Swan Club on prom night.  She's overjoyed and filled with excitement.  The night she has long envisioned is finally here, her long days of english, drama, and volley ball at John Browne High School a distant memory.  As she dances the night away she graciously accepts the many compliments for her majestic dress.

Then that magical moment arrives, the moment every girl dreams would happen for her, when she would win the approval of her peers.  She waits with baited breath as the drums roll and she is pronounced "Best Dressed." She steps forward and is crowned queen of the prom.

Quadeera Flow is a graduate of the John Browne High School class of 2011. She will be attending BMCC in Manhattan, New York where she will be studying peforming arts.